Selling a Trust Real Estate is Daunting

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Trust Sales

Basics of Selling a Trust Property

What is a Trust? A Trust is a legal entity that can hold the title to the property for the benefit of one or other persons or entities. This Creator transfers legal ownership to a person or institution (called the Trustee) to manage that property. What is the Creator?...

How to Best Market and Sell Probate & Trust Real Estate

Marketing and Selling Probate Real Estate takes the right agent. Find out how to make this kind of real estate work for you. Selling your probate real estate depends on one thing – the right agent. You need an agent who understands the challenges of fiduciary sales...

What is Probate, Estate & Trust Real Estate?

Estate administration does not have to be complex or confusing when you are clear on a few key terms. Understanding the world of probate, estate, and trust real estate is simple when you know the definitions of these commonly used terms. Understanding estate...

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