Crema Coffee Roasting Co. is a family-owned coffeehouse in San Jose’s Rose Garden area with an intensely loyal following and a keen devotion to giving back to the community.

Crema Coffee Roasting Company opened a second location on The Alameda to offer even more coffee enjoyment in the Alameda neighborhood. Both locations offer delightful street views, outdoor seating, and coffee that tantalizes your sense of smell, warms your insides, and satisfies your craving for caffeine. In addition to brewed coffee, you can indulge in delicious smoothies, frappes, and white chocolate. The café offers a number of breakfast goodies, including burritos and croissant sandwiches. At either location, you can find the best quality coffee and delicious bites to eat, with a modern yet eclectic coffee brewing house vibe.


1202 The Alameda
San Jose, California 95126

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